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October 16, 2023  Medical Esthetician & Certified Cosmetic Laser Technician Career Track
December 4, 2023  Medical Esthetician & Certified Cosmetic Laser Technician Career Track  
January 21, 2024 – Master Esthetician 2 Semester Career Track

​On-Campus: Sunday 8:45am-4:00pm. (extended clinical day = 2 classes in 1 day)
​​Online Class: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 7:00-2:30


​We help aspiring estheticians, just like you, get the education, strategies, tactics, and connections you need, to spark massive growth in your personal and professional life, build an impactful esthetician brand, and set the standard for excellence in the Medical Esthetics Industry, just as we have.

If you feel like there is something greater out there for you, you are ready to change your life, are willing to put in the time and do the work, and commit to personal excellence and become a top graduate who will dominate the esthetics field, we would love to hear from you!

Relentless pursuit of greatness is what drives high performers.
If you want to win and dominate all aspects of your life, enroll now become one of us.​


​Imagine what you can accomplish in your Master Esthetician Career if you have experts in the field, who have already traveled the path to success, and who have achieved personal excellence in all aspects of their life – who have the exact roadmap and are willing to share that map to success with you!

Work with true leaders and innovators in the Medical Esthetics Industry that will help you crush your personal and professional goals.

Work with the subject matter experts, the individuals who helped developed laws, regulations, national esthetician licensure examinations, who write the academic textbooks used in Virginia esthetician schools, and schools across America and internationally. Train with the experts who have experience with medical spa ownership and over 18 years of experience in the classroom, and have helped thousands of people, just like you, win and succeed in this industry!​


​The Institute of Advanced Medical Esthicians is for elite students who are looking to grow, become leaders in their industry, and put in the work to be excellent in all areas. Enrolling here means you’ve made the commitment to not only be excellent in your studies, but in all other areas of your personal and professional life.

We don’t expect average performance out of our students. We set the bar high, and live by a higher standard of excellence than what you’ve ever experienced in your life. Because of this, our educational path has been refined and improved to stay up to date with evolving techniques.

Plus there are some extra perks you’ll discover along the way…

  • Learn how to develop winning strategies that fiercely attract loyal customers so that you can build a successful business.
  • Develop the discipline, mindset and mental toughness to relentlessly pursue success in the esthetics industry, your personal life and dominate your market.
  • Learn how to pursue your full potential and ultimate happiness.
  • Work with true leaders and innovators that will help you crush your personal and professional goals.


Michelle Graduate

“This school has taught me very crucial lessons on life, whether it’s time management or discipline…”

Gracie Graduate

“…The Institute has provided me with the opportunity to reach my goals in the skin care industry and has given me the ability to enhance my business and personal skills..”

Camilla Graduate

“I chose the school because I knew it would give me the greatest opportunities for my career.
Also, the Institute has provided me multiple opportunities for jobs which has made me feel confident in my ability to be a successful esthetician”

Devan Graduate

I chose to attend the Institute of Advanced Medical Esthetics because I felt that this would be t​he best school in Virginia to obtain Both my Basic and Master license. The Director Laura Todd has done so much for esthetics in Virginia and continues to do so. The instructors will make sure you are well prepared for whatever esthetics career you chose to pursue after you graduate. With the smaller class sizes the instructors are able to give each student individualized attention and help them when needed. I am very pleased with my experience here and would highly suggest anyone who is looking to become an Esthetician choose the Institute of Advanced Medical Esthetics. – Devan Graduate

Audra Graduate

I decided to attend the Institute of Advanced Medical Esthetics because the school was accredited and because of Laura Todd’s impact on the esthetic community. I wanted a career where I could be my own boss. It was at Institute of Advanced Medical Esthetics where I truly found my passion for skin care. ​I was not only taught great esthetic skills, but business skills as well. Because of what I learned in the Master Esthetician program I was able to start my own successful business. I get to help people every day with their skin issues and building their confidence. Since being out of school and speaking with other estheticians I’ve come to realize just how much more I learned than students who attended other schools. I receive compliments all of the time “you are the best esthetician I’ve ever been to”. I know I owe that all to Laura Todd. I am truly grateful for the education I received from Laura Todd and her entire staff. -Audra Graduate

Richard Graduate

I could not be happier changing careers to become a Master Esthetician. ​Having dual licensure not only allows me to stand out in the job market, but also gives me the qualifications and expertise to treat a wide variety of skin conditions that a Basic Esthetician cannot. Working in a dermatologist’s office, I also see patients with chronic skin diseases such as rosacea, and guiding them through the process to better skin health with the doctor’s cooperation has been especially rewarding. I absolutely do not believe I could have made it to where I am without my training at the Institute of Advanced Medical Esthetics. The curriculum that goes above and beyond the state minimum requirements for licensure gives me a knowledge base that puts me above my competitors, and my patients can see it. Building trust between yourself and your patients is critical to success in this industry. – Richard Graduate​


The Career Placement Center at the Institute of Advanced Medical Esthetics provides job placement assistance for those students who qualify. 

Upscale Modern Facility | Medical Level Skincare Equipment, Product Lines & Curriculum |
​Tenured Expert Educators | Financial Aid For Those Who Qualify