Laser Hair Removal Facts

Sep 13, 2014

  • Most people describe the laser hair removal sensation as similar to a rubber band snap.
  • You can always shave between laser hair removal treatments. In fact, most places ask that you shave the area before your appointment. Laser hair removal works best if there is not much surface hair.
  • Laser hair removal works quite well on ingrown hairs since you do not need to have surface hair for the laser to be effective.
  • It is not in your best interest to treat tan skin with the laser . Having tan skin makes you more prone to any of the possible side effects of laser hair removal. For that reason, you will be asked to allow your tan to fade before a laser hair removal treatment and asked that you not get tan for three days after a laser hair removal treatment. The term ‘tanning’ includes any treatment that darkens your skin including the sun, tanning beds, bronzing beds, spray on tans, or self tanning lotions
  • Electrolysis treats the hair one follicle at a time by inserting a tiny needle into the hair shaft to heat the hair and disable it. Electrolysis will work on any color of hair, being effective only on hairs in the growth phase. Laser hair removal treats many hairs at once. Each pulse of the laser treats all of the hairs in an area about the size of a quarter. The laser disables the hair in the growth phase by heating up the melanin in the hair. For that reason, laser hair removal only works on darker hair.
  • Canedla Laser system has been given FDA approval for the claim of “Permanent Hair Reduction”. Reduction is defined as 85% less hair. The hair that you will be left with after a series of laser hair removal treatments will be hair that is too fine and light in color to be effected by the laser hair removal treatment.
  • Typically, 3 to 5 days after your laser hair removal treatment, the hairs remaining below the surface of the skin begin to push their way out. In about 3 to 5 more days, you will notice that these hairs that appear to be growing will simply fall out. At this point (6 to 10 days after your laser hair removal treatment), you will enter your hair free phase of 3 weeks or longer even after just one treatment.
  • On average it takes a minimum of 8 treatments, spaced approximately 4 weeks apart to be satisfied with the laser hair removal process. Individuals with dense hair or hormone induced hair will require more visits.