Institute of Advanced Medical Esthetics
Student Testimonials


  • B. 2024 Alumni
    I feel my instructors are good at making us our best selves, very gifted and honest. I believe the system is one for the success of the students. There has been a lot of thought behind these systems.
  • B. 2024 Alumni
    I feel very proud to be able to be educated by such experienced & skilled instructors. The school is very advanced & has many modalities, devices & treatments offered. It’s a great place to be to get the best esthetics training.
  • B. 2024 Alumni
    Instructors are wonderful and have provided me with a great learning environment. Great facility & technology.
  • C. 2024 Student
    The instructors are knowledgeable and patient, friendly, actually care. Staff follows up and handles things in a timely manner.
  • C. 2024 Student
    I enjoy the instructors very much. They are educated and relay their knowledge.
  • G. 2024 Student
    The instructors are committed to us. Staff is knowledgeable. The school is great.
  • G. 2024 Alumni
    Very pleased with staff’s drive to maintaining the highest levels of achievement in esthetics.
  • H. 2024 Alumni
    My instructors are very passionate about their school and do a great job at creating top performers in the industry. The instructors are very quick to respond to any questions. Overall I know graduating this school will give me the tools & resources to become a top performer in the esthetics industry.
  • J. 2024 Alumni
    The instructors teach us accountability and hold us to a standard. They are great at what they do.
  • M 2024 Alumni
    The instructors are knowledgeable experts and dedicated to ensuring our success. The in depth lecture opportunities with Laura and Matt from their experiences are the most beneficial. The school’s facilities are clean, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible.
  • P. 2024 Alumni
    The school is very structured & disciplined.
  • R. 2024 Alumni
    It is the best esthetics school in Virginia. The motivational speeches, they wake me up and remind me to be better. The schools facilities are great, very neat and kept very clean.
  • S. 2024 Student 
    The instructors show & provide us with the tools & skills needed to survive in the workforce. Everyone has been willing to help when I needed it. Staff has helped & assisted me when I have reached out. The schools facilities are well maintained & organized – it represents high end. I am very happy I chose to enroll at this institution. I do believe I will receive the best education.
  • S. 2024 Student
    The instructors are good, I like the motivation and the real life situation talks. The facilities are great.
  • A. 2024 Alumni
    The instructors teach very well for school and in real life. I think this is an amazing institute that gives so many opportunities for learning.
  • A. 2024 Alumni
    I feel as if my instructors push you to your highest ability and then some to be your best. I liked that it was a modern day facility and liked what they had to offer.
  • C. 2024 Alumni
    It was a lovely experience. Great learning opportunity and very educational. Thank you so much for everything!
  • D. 2024 Alumni
    Laura educated me about a lot of products & brands specific to my values and I appreciate that.
  • G. 2024 Alumni
    My instructors are amazing.
  • G. 2024 Alumni
    My instructors are knowledgeable and supportive. Overall the school helped me get my license with good material.
  • G. 2024 Alumni
    I have a lot of confidence and respect for their ability & compassion. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to pursue a career in esthetics.
  • G. 2024 Alumni
    I feel the instructors are qualified to teach esthetics due to their level of expertise and experience.
  • H. 2024 Alumni
    I loved the instructors professionalism.
  • K. 2024 Alumni
    Matt and Laura were great instructors with awesome advice and helped me feel very prepared for the licensing exam.
  • M. 2024 Alumni
    The instructors know what they are doing and I know they want the best for me. I loved my time here. I feel I got more out of this program than I could ever imagine.
  • M. 2024 Alumni
    I liked the speed at which the courses were taught. Matt and Laura gave it their all to help me succeed in school and grow as a person.
  • M. 2024 Alumni
    Both of my instructors helped and pushed me to become a better person.
  • O. 2024 Alumni
    My instructors are very professional & loves their students. The school is very structured and a clean environment.
  • O. 2024 Alumni
    My instructors were very caring & helpful. Everything is very organized.
  • R. 2024 Alumni
    My instructors were positive. I enjoyed the learning online portion very much and I think the structure/distribution of the coursework benefitted me. The testing was challenging but definitely set me up for success.
  • R. 2024 Alumni
    My instructors were great and the most beneficial instruction was the pep talks. I feel very great with the program.
  • S. 2024 Alumni
    The most exciting part of my training was the hands on learning. I enjoy learning about peels & machines, then using during facials to be prepared when at work. I feel the instructors want the best for each student.
  • S. 2024 Alumni
    The most beneficial part of instruction was the hands on. I enrolled in this school to prepare for my future & strive for a career I want/enjoy.
  • T. 2024 Alumni
    It was a tough program but I appreciate the help to get everything done for graduation.
  • W. 2024 Alumni
    The instructors were great, they wouldn’t let you fall off and always kept you motivated.
  • A. 2024 Alumni
    I enrolled because I wanted to learn from the best. I feel like the instructors were very helpful and were there for me when needed. I think it was a good way to learn how to improve and better myself.
  • A. 2023 Alumni
    The most beneficial part of my instruction was hands on training. The instructors were helpful in bettering my personal life.
  • A. 2023 Alumni
    I feel the organization of the school is fantastic. The lesson plan is always prepared and all products/tools are available at hand when needed. The most exciting part of my training was gaining the education of the workforce and how to treat certain skin issues. I feel my instructors are very helpful and understanding as well as welcoming.
  • A. 2023 Alumni
    I enrolled in the school as it was the best school I seen around & looked very professional. The instructors are both great & always want to see their students win too!
  • A. 2023 Alumni
    This school has helped me learn and become a better version of myself. I feel like it’s a great school. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else to learn this career.
  • B. 2023 Alumni
    Organization was great. School maintained well. Taught us everything needed for life & esthetics.
  • B. 2023 Alumni
    This school is very organized & understands how to effectively teach students. Matt & Laura have been excellent instructors. Very helpful & experienced.
  • B. 2023 Alumni
    I loved the atmosphere and wanted to work with Laura & Matt since they are subject matter experts. They were very helpful & thorough with everything. I loved my time in the basic program. I enjoyed the environment & atmosphere of the school. The most exciting part of my training was learning how to perfect my facial procedures and Laura & Matt’s motivational speeches.
  • B. 2023 Alumni
    I really enjoyed every aspect of this school & learned so much. I really appreciated everything Matt & Laura have done for me! I knew it would be the best school to grow professionally & personally.
  • B. 2023 Alumni
    I feel the instructors are good, they are great teachers. They provide all of the necessary information. I heard many good reviews and saw all the wonderful opportunities. The school has great facilities, teachers, staff, curriculum ect.
  • C. 2023 Alumni
    I love the school & think you two do an amazing job teaching us. Very happy with my school choice. I am very fond of both Laura & Matt, great people & teachers.
  • C. 2023 Alumni
    Everything was well organized & professional. The instructors are experts & supportive.
  • F. 2023 Alumni
    I enrolled in the school because it was the only school that I personally felt that cared for teaching esthetics. The Instructors were very helpful. The most beneficial part of instruction was hands on.
  • F. 2023 Alumni
    The organization is great. It prepares you for the real world. It has made me more self reflective and disciplined. The instructors are great people inside and out. Learned a lot.
  • G. 2023 Alumni
    Laura & Matt both helped me tremendously become a better version of myself. I wanted the best education I could get. I feel the organization is efficient and effective.
  • G. 2023 Alumni
    Very professional and transformative. Truly a life changing institution and opportunity for those who are ready to take it. I feel as though the strive to provide a quality education & support their students.
  • G. 2023 Alumni
    The Institute creates high performing estheticians. If you come in and are willing to give 110% every day, you will be successful. The value is top quality. They care for their student & industry’s reputation. I appreciate them immensely.
  • G. 2023 Alumni
    The instructors are very helpful in field related subjects.
  • H. 2023 Alumni
    I felt that I received the best education for basic esthetics. Laura and Matt and my classmates were all very pleasant. The most exciting part of training was being able to learn hands on facials. Laura and Matt went above and beyond for every student because they want you to win.
  • H. 2023 Alumni
    I enrolled in the school because I wanted to be challenged. I wanted a top education which I have gotten. The instructors were professional and very committed to excellence. Very well set up. Love the commitment to excellence for every student.
  • J. 2023 Alumni
    The instructors were knowledgeable, reliable, easy to get in touch with. Structured, prepares you adequately for career & state board.
  • K. 2023 Alumni
    All instruction that my instructor gave me was beneficial and easy to understand.
  • M. 2023 Alumni
    I feel the way Laura and Matt have their school set up works great. The most exciting part of my training here is getting to perform and receive treatments to perfect my craft before I go into a real job so that I’m able to bring my best to the table. I feel that because Matt and Laura have high expectations I am becoming the person I’m supposed to be.
  • M. 2023 Alumni
    The instructors are very interactive and leading professionally.
  • M. 2023 Alumni
    I felt that the instructors are very wise and they have shown me that I can be great. They are always on top of what we need to know.
  • M. 2023 Alumni
    I genuinely enjoy the environment and standards put in place for the students. I have the utmost respect for both my instructors.
  • 2/25/14 Alumni
    It is the most up-to-date and well-equipped school in the area with the most experience. Very knowledgeable, attentive and all want the students attending the school to succeed.
  • 2/23/14 Submitted by Student
    I think it is a great school. They are really there for their students and do everything to help them get through the school and graduate.
  • 2/2014 Submitted by Student
    My Instructors are very nice and helpful.
  • 2/14 Submitted by Student
    This is a very organized school who cares about their students.
  • 2/14 Submitted by Student
    The practical work has made me feel very confident about my future.
  • A.K. 1/15/14 Alumni
    I feel proud to be going to school here and happy to have the education.
  • C.P. 12/2/13
    It has been amazing. The teachers are always helpful and listen. They teach you everything you need to know about the field of esthetics
  • D.B. 12/2013
    My overall opinion of the school is:
    They are dedicated to giving the proper training we need to succeed in the field and beyond.
  • H.H. 7/14/12 Alumni
    Very knowledgeable, lots of experience, savvy. Hands on instruction spending time to ensure a skill is mastered.
  • J.W. 2/18/12 Alumni
    Overall- I found it a very rewarding experience. I felt fully prepared for a job in the esthetics world.
  • B.M. 2/18/12 Alumni
    I feel they do their job efficiently. Everything runs smoothly. I know they are of the highest standard.
  • A.B. 2/17/12 Alumni
    I believe this organization gives you the experience and knowledge you need in order to exceed in this field.
  • A.B. 2/17/12 Alumni
    They are very professional and willing to help with our deficiencies.
  • A.K. 2/17/12 Alumni
    Laura is great. She is fair and always willing to help solve problems. I feel like I can talk to Laura and she does a good job explaining things.
  • G.G. 2/17/12 Alumni
    The school is beautiful, the education is great, and Laura Todd is very knowledgeable and helpful.
  • K.E. 2/17/12 Alumni
    I always talk to people about our school and recommend they come check it out. I’m really glad I found it.
  • K.R. 2/17/12 Alumni
    She is very helpful and I feel as though she has my best interest at heart. I think this may be the most positive school environment I’ve ever been in.
  • S.M. 2/1/12 Alumni
    Love the instructors. Everyone has been truly helpful. Think they are very informative and willing to help me achieve my goals.
  • A.K. 1/15/12 Alumni
    I feel proud to be going to school here and happy to have the education.
  • G.G. 1/15/12 Alumni
    I am very happy and impressed with this school. I know it was the best decision for me.
  • K.E. 1/15/12 Alumni
    I feel very confident that I’ve picked the best school. Laura strives for excellence and I love that about her. It’s very hard to fail when you have that mentality.
  • T.P. 6/24/11 Alumni
    I’m so new, however the direction you are moving in is on “trend” current and relevant.
  • J.S. 6/19/11 Alumni
    I feel as though I am getting a top notch education at a top notch learning facility! Thank you for your time and commitment to the students.
  • K.R. 6/19/11 Alumni
    I love Laura, she makes everything understandable and provides a fun but professional education experience. IAME is the best out of all of the schools I researched for esthetics. All I can say is that this is a growing industry and I know IAME will continue to grow with it.
  • N.B. 6/19/11 Alumni
    I think Laura is a fantastic teacher. I’m really gaining a lot from her teaching method. I’m very satisfied so far with my choice in enrolling in the IAME program.
  • V.C. 6/19/11 Alumni
    Very knowledgeable, honest, to the point which I appreciate.
  • A.B. 2/17/11 Alumni
    I believe this organization gives you the experience and knowledge you need in order to exceed in this field.
  • C.B. 1/21/11 Alumni
    Clean, smooth, and great learning and hands on environment. I am so pleased with my experience here. I think the organization is great and I am so excited to go out into the work field and can be confident to tell them that I attended IAME!
  • S.M. 1/15/11 Alumni
    Love them! Feel honored to be part of such a great school. Feel like they are very informative and have my success as their goal.
  • A.G. 1/17/11 Alumni
    The school facilities are wonderful (everything you need to succeed in this field). Between our online courses, theory at school with activities and worksheets, plus hands on in lab practical has been a wonderful experience; it gives us everything we need to succeed in the field.
  • R.W. 1/15/11 Alumni
    Excellent, fair, very conscientious about quality of education.
  • D.D. 4/23/10 Alumni
    The school is very nice, it feels like an upscale spa. I feel good about asking my friends to come in for treatment. I enjoy my time here. I like the students and staff. I look forward to my future in esthetics.
  • A.G. 2/19/10 Alumni
    I like the way our study time is structured, and I really appreciate the time and the knowledge that the institution has given us.
  • E.C. 2/19/10 Alumni
    School’s organization is very good, fast pace, everybody knows what they’re doing. Don’t think they should change anything.
  • A.B. 2/17/10 Alumni
    I feel that I can’t be learning from anyone better. The hands on learning, as well as the beneficial information we receive about the industry.
  • K.B. 11/16/09 Alumni
    The Institute assisted me in preparing for the state board licensing exam by covering all the required topics that estheticians in the state of VA must be familiar with.
  • A.P. 6/29/09 Alumni
    I am very happy with this school. My overall opinion is that my experience has been exactly what I wanted it to be and I am confident that I am attending the best esthetics school.
  • A.P. 6/29/09 AlumniVery pleased with my education that I have received here. I feel the organization is really here to train us to be the best that is very important to me.
  • P.P. 6/29/09 AlumniI am happy with the curriculum here. I feel like I will be so ready to work as a master esthetician when I graduate. I would recommend this school to all my friends and family.
  • V.N. 6/29/09 Alumni
    I feel that this school does the best at teaching esthetics. Laura is very educated and passionate about this field. Every student should be very prepared for boards and employment upon completion. It’s great to have an esthetics program taught at college level. I feel so much more knowledgeable now.
  • A.P. 3/21/09 Alumni
    I am glad to have chosen this school. Everything is wonderful here. I would not change anything at all about IAME.
  • C.M. 3/18/09 Alumni
    She is very qualified and has a copious amount of text book and real world knowledge to import. The learning environment is beautiful and conducive to learning. There is a consistent flow. The students should know what to expect. I’m pleased with how the process works.
  • K.P. 3/18/09 Alumni
    Well educated, above and beyond expectations. Dedicated to the industry.
  • S.K. 3/18/09 Alumni
    I believe that our instructor has a lot of experience and knowledge, and she wants us to succeed. The practical portion makes me feel that the book learning is paying off. The lectures are also very informative. Everyone is courteous and helpful, and again, they conduct themselves in a professional manner. The facility is set up well, we always have space, products, and equipment needed to learn and perform labs.
  • V.N. 3/18/09 Alumni
    I feel that she has all the knowledge about esthetics and genuinely wants the students to learn the right and proper way. I love labs and how Laura is able to oversee us all at once, providing feedback.
  • A.P. 3/16/09 Alumni
    She makes it a goal to help you be the very best that you can be. When things get tough she works it out. Very professional and provides the very highest in esthetic training. Gives you a great head start in the industry.
  • C.H. 2/28/09 Alumni
    Keep up the good work. Thank you so much for all your help with getting me graduated.
  • H.B. 2/23/09 Alumni
    The overall school is great. The facility is comfortable for all students. The instructor is very knowledgeable and helpful. The curriculum prepares you for the real this and what to expect. I enjoy being a student here and would be proud to say I attended.
  • E.R. 2/22/09 Alumni
    Up to date, advanced technology and functional. Very well organized, good scheduling.
  • C.H. 2/22/09 Alumni
    Everyone does a great job. I feel the atmosphere is pleasant. Keep up the good work.
  • H.D. 12/17/08 Alumni
    School is clean and has pleasing environment. Equipment is up to date and works. There is enough equipment for everyone. Plenty of hands on time.
  • S.R. 12/17/08 Alumni
    It is a well tuned and informative program with ample opportunity to rise to a challenge and do your best.
  • C.D. 12/3/08 Alumni
    I feel very comfortable with my instructor, this is a very warm and inviting atmosphere and extremely informative. The school’s facilities are very accommodating, everything is in order.
  • K.G. 12/3/08 Alumni
    Well established women who knows how to get things done and wants her students to be the best. Overall the Institute is a good, respected school that gives students the necessary equipment to understand and practice.
  • S.E. 7/21/08 Alumni
    Laura Todd was great! Very patient and proactive w/the students. Another reason that I selected this school. Overall, I think that it is a great organization. Regarding improvements for the school, continuous process improvement is a must! Since my first day of attendance, I have witnessed process improvement daily, whether it be a small or large improvement, it has all been truly for the good of the school, the students, employees and of course the clientele.
  • B.G. 4/23/08 Alumni
    I am confident in my decision to become an esthetician. The opportunity afforded to me by attending this school, in my opinion is unmatched. I am excited about my future in this field and believe I will always have a resource and mentor in Laura Todd.
  • H.M. 4/23/08 Alumni
    She is amazing, knowledgeable, understanding and true expert in her field. Practical Laura teaches with enthusiasm and teaches real world practical experiences/scenarios. Atmosphere is conducive to instruction and student clinic has the best equipment. I think that I am being given the education and am being schooled in both theoretical and realistic applications. I feel confident that I can advance my career in this field and will always have the support of Laura Todd and IAME.
  • M.F. 4/23/08 Alumni
    I am very happy to know I am receiving the best education possible. I am also thankful to be able to work hands on and get a thorough education. It is challenging and I am learning not only the fundamentals but also discipline. I know graduating here I will be a qualified professional with the solid foundation I need and that the rest of the schools out should provide but don’t. That is why I’m here.
  • D.M. 2/24/08 Alumni
    Very professional and knowledgeable. IAME is clearly a top of the line school. Very helpful from start to finish and beyond that.
  • M.S. 2/8/08 Alumni
    Extremely knowledgeable, passionate about the field. I received the education I expected and more. Was accommodated to my needs.
  • H.M. 1/8/08 Alumni
    I feel that the instructor is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her material and this translates exceedingly well to the students. The instructor has high expectations for the students and recognizes that this is an absolute necessity when entering the field. She is not only an instructor of material but someone you can trust to be in your best interest.